Cheers, Friend!  I’m Jaimie and I am so happy you landed here in my shop!  Toasted Wicks was born over a few beers at a local Seattle brewery with my husband.

At the time, I was laser focused on my passion project, Pacific North Wicks - a candle line inspired by the spirit of the PNW.  During much “candle talk” that day, my husband (who loves a good Bourbon) asked if I could make him a Bourbon scented candle as a side project.  I winced a bit as I thought about some liquor candles I had previously smelled.  “No, but I’ll make you an awesome smelling candle you’ll want to PAIR with your Bourbon!” was my reply.  And with that sentence, it was pure Eureka!  I had to make a line of cocktail PAIRING candles!

I got to work immediately - sipping and smelling!  It has been such a fun adventure creating unique scent pairings that compliment some of our favorite spirits!  We hope you enjoy burning these pairing candles along with your favorite cocktails … and your favorite people :) Cheers, friends!  I am so thankful for your support of my small business!

With Gratitude,